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Website Design Case Study: WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress web design services for a football management agency: A website design case study.

Ignite Soccer Agency is a football management agency based in the UK that offers a range of football management services from player management to sports promotional engagements. In order to appeal to their ever-growing clientele, the agency required a modern website that could be efficient and informative.

In this article, you can read our sports management website design case study for Ignite Soccer Agency.

Branding and Web Design for Sports Management Agency UK - Ignite | Sports Agency Websites

Ignite searched for a web design agency in Birmingham before the firm's launch to assist with its development. After contacting Huxo Creative, we collaborated with the owner to create the company name, logo, and brand.

We engaged with Ignite Soccer Agency in an interactive Website Planning Workshop to generate a web design brief and come up with ideas. This included: analysing user journeys, assessing competitors' sites and producing a detailed overview of the required features for the web design project.

After creating an initial prototype, we set out to design and develop a stunning, modern website that would showcase their services and allow them to communicate with potential and existing clients throughout the world.

WordPress Website Design Services

The sports management agency website was built on WordPress which meant that it was easy for Ignite's employees to update themselves without the need for technical guidance.

Ignite's web design project has been successful in showcasing its services and helping the agency communicate with clients. The focus of the site is on attracting new clients and on showing potential clients what it can offer.

The logo was used prominently across all social media accounts and on branded content.

Prior to working with us, Ignite Soccer Agency had tried a few different things to promote its services. The agency had no brand name, no identity, and no online presence. The Director initially hired a graphic designer to create a logo but the result was not what they had envisioned and they decided that the logo needed to be redeveloped.

Website Design Case Study: The Brief

Ignite had two main goals with their new website design:

1. To attract the attention of prospective clients through high-quality images of players and other creative content

2. To highlight the company's brand and what it can offer prospective clients

We worked alongside Ignite to help achieve these goals through the design of a website that is both visually appealing and informative.

The website also highlights the various services that Ignite provides, from player management to sports promotional engagements. This allows clients to easily find the information they need and quickly get in touch with Ignite Soccer Agency.

The company's branding is also showcased prominently on the website with the use of its logo, colours and fonts.

The Ignite Soccer Agency branding package included a logo, colour scheme and typography.

Visual balance was the key to this project. The logo we created for Ignite Soccer Agency is a modern and dynamic typeface that balances three different weights of fonts – thin, medium and bold – to create a sophisticated, yet balanced effect.

WordPress website design services and WordPress maintenance packages

Our website design was defined by clean-cut lines and geometric shapes with a clear hierarchy in typography, content presentation and colour schemes. All the elements were designed to draw the user's attention away from any distractions and towards key promotional messages in order to make sure Ignite's message shines in all its glory.

The company owner found the website design easy to use. They were also able to easily update the website without assistance from a web developer.

“The website is fantastic! We are getting loads of attention for our services, with a lot more interest in what we do. The branding looks great and the process has been smooth.”

“I am thrilled with the new website design. It showcases all of our work really well!”

The new WordPress site:

– Helps to grow a company by increasing their online presence

– Allows for easy access and update possibilities

– Brings the business front and centre to potential clients

– Helps with communication between employees

Case study: website design for sports management agency - Football Digital Marketing & Web Design Birmingham for Ignite Soccer Agency | Bespoke Web Design Birmingham

Website Design Case Study – Conclusion:

The sports management agency is getting more exposure for the business through the new site.

The WordPress platform makes the site easy to use and update, which means that they can change the information on the site quickly and easily without assistance from a web developer.

The branding we created has helped to create a strong identity for Ignite Soccer Agency helping bring them to the forefront of prospective clients.

Invest in your company's future. Contact your Birmingham web design agency today to begin your next website design project or to ask about WordPress maintenance packages.


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