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The 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Birmingham

You've come to the right place if you're looking for digital marketing agencies in Birmingham.

We have compiled a list of the ten best digital marketing agencies in Birmingham to help your business reach new heights.

It can be tough to determine which digital marketing agency is right for your business with so many choices available. That's why we have created this list – so that you can easily find the perfect agency for your needs!

Who are the best digital marketing agencies in Birmingham?

It's a tricky question. But if you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help with your digital marketing needs, you can’t go wrong with any of the agencies on this list.

These digital marketing agencies have a proven track record of delivering brilliant digital marketing campaigns.

If you're wondering why we'd create an article about other companies that offer some of the same services as us, it's simple; We believe there's room for everyone in the digital marketing space.

Agencies provide similar digital marketing services, although they work with a varied range of businesses and organisations from various sectors, serve multiple clients, and focus on various digital marketing channels.

Plus, we love to see other businesses succeeding – it only helps validate our industry further!

How we came up with the list

There is no definitive list of Birmingham's best agencies, and what gives anyone the right to decide that anyway?

My own experience and opinions have helped shape this list and below are what I believe to be the best digital marketing agencies currently operating in Birmingham, taking into account:

  • Their client base
  • Their branding and digital marketing campaigns
  • The digital marketing services they offer
  • How good their website is
  • How good their client work is
  • Online reviews from Google, Yelp and specialist directories like Clutch
  • Any awards they've won
  • Their presence across social media

I've included a summary of each digital marketing agency and featured one of their projects that stood out.

And without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are: 

The best digital marketing agencies in Birmingham
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    HDY Agency (

    The team at HDY Agency has experience working with some fantastic brands, including National ExpressWasps Rugby ClubWarwick Castle, and luxury British soap maker Bronnley.

    Featured Project

    One major ongoing issue for many grown men is the sweat we produce from our reproductive system.

    Dusting ourselves in a thick layer of talcum powder is excellent at home, but even that comes with serious health consequences, and it's messy too.

    Below The Belt grooming products for men came along and offered a solution that didn't involve going over the top with talc and accidentally making yourself look like Tony Montana.

    Below The Belt entrusted HDY with the task of assisting them in launching a new line of products.

    Below the belt grooming - social media campaign by HDY Agency
    Below the belt grooming - social media campaign by HDY Agency

    HDY developed a campaign on YouTube and Spotify, resulting in a 13% boost in retail income and a notable decrease in sweaty balls all across the country!

    The eye-catching, ambitious and fun campaign was very well received online.

    Catalyst (

    Catalyst is a full-service, commercially driven digital marketing agency. We believe in doing things differently; our focus is on tangible results, not vanity metrics, which means that we deliver data-driven, evidence-based digital marketing to positively impact your bottom line and provide an ROI.

    I'm a digital marketer myself, so I appreciated how they emphasised results in the examples featured on their website. It's always nice to see projects created based on client success because that's what matters most to small businesses.

    Paul Houston, Director at Catalyst, told me “I regularly meet with businesses of all shapes and sizes. There's an apprehension that many people have about marketing agencies, especially as lots of them have had bad experiences in the past. That's why, at Catalyst, we've created a fully transparent & open process, ensuring that our clients can see, and get involved with, everything we do and that they know exactly where the results are coming from.

    “We're proving that digital marketing works, one client at a time.

    Featured Project

    Premier Labels hired Catalyst for a full marketing overhaul, redesigning its brand to bring it in line with the company's growth ambitions, which meant losing its outdated website. The website did not represent the brand and provided little value to the business.

    The team at Catalyst delivered a modern and much easier to navigate website with a sleek design that reflects the quality of the products on offer.

    Before After

    As a result of the project, Premier Labels reported a 747% increase in overall website traffic, 98% increase in website conversions and a mammoth 1489% SEO traffic increase.

    I particularly liked the prominent call to action button on the menu bar as well as the placement of forms throughout the site, making it easy for visitors to get in touch and request a quote.

    Core Marketing (

    Core Marketing is a Birmingham-based marketing agency that specialises in branding and PR for property and event management. The team has produced campaigns for prominent locations such as Birmingham's 55 Colmore Row, Brindley Place, and other attractions across the West Midlands.

    Featured Project

    Their work for the trendy Stratford-upon-Avon retail complex Bell Court won the Best Website Award at the Property Marketing Awards 2018 and rightly so but the branding for the offices at 55 Colmore Row, Birmingham, is one of my favourite projects.


    Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Birmingham - Core Marketing branding for 55 Colmore Row

    55 Colmore Row is a stunningly restored and rejuvenated listed building that required an equally creative approach to marketing. The new branding encapsulates the building's history and captures its essence as a modern working environment.

    The branding, which captures the building's history and reflects its opulence, has been used in a variety of marketing materials, including digital to print.

    WPR Agency (

    WPR Agency is one of the most well-known PR and social media agencies in the country, with a trophy case to rival Cristiano Ronaldo's.

    They're well-connected too; they can name-drop Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google as companies with which they've collaborated.

    Content is still king, and WPR creates some of the most shareable content in the business. They practice what they preach too; Their blog (The Reading Room) and podcast (With The Brand Podcast) are great resources for social media marketing tips and insights.

    Featured Project

    My Home Move Conveyancing hired WPR to promote its online services.

    The search for a ‘mansion tester’ began when they launched a campaign looking for someone to stay at one of the UK's most luxurious properties and review the brand's online service.

    WPR Agency Birmingham - Campaign for Mansion Tester job goes viral

    The story quickly spread, resulting in 115 news stories and 29 press articles in both national and international media, including The SunThe MirrorMetroCountry LivingIdeal Home and the New York Post.

    My Home Move Conveyancing received over 1,700 applications for the mansion tester position and had a 60% backlink rate, with 21 follow links, delivering a massive SEO boost.

    I love the way WPR has taken a simple concept and turned it into a PR coup. The story was picked up by some major publications and generated a lot of interest in the brand.

    Spark Media (

    Spark Media is a Birmingham-based video production firm that has produced award-winning video content for clients including Halfords, Resorts World, The NEC, Carlsberg, West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service and many more.

    Featured Project

    Spark Media was hired to make a TV commercial for Tanki, a glue and plastic-free toilet roll.

    The Spark team made a catchy, 30-second animated commercial with a quirky singing cod, a one-man-band octopus, and leaping shellfish.

    Scott Barnett from Spark told me: “The advert for Tanki was the result of the client giving us free reign over the Creative execution, something that rarely happens.

    “It was a breath of fresh air and we jumped at the opportunity. They put their trust in us to create something memorable and fun. So Count Bassy and The Tanketts was spawn, an aquatic Big Band themed commercial singing about this environmentally beneficial product.”

    The campaign was across ITV and ITV Hub and had a great response with Tanki securing a substation order from a national supermarket chain. The advert was also fortunate enough to win a Vega Award.

    Paperock Creative (

    Paperock Creative is a Birmingham-based creative agency that produces stunning brand identities, digital experiences, and print collateral.

    Featured Project

    I'm a massive fan of Paperock's ongoing design work for the rapidly growing burger chain Burger & Sauce. The packaging design is eye-catching and really makes the most of the limited space on a takeaway box.

    The use of bold colours and strong typography gives the brand a real sense of identity, which is essential for any fast-food chain.

    Tribera (

    Tribera, an agency that specialises in retail, leisure, NFP and charity marketing, is another company whose clientele includes household names.

    The agency grabbed my attention recently after being in the news for adopting a four-day working week.

    They feel that working fewer hours would help them be more creative and productive while also improving staff happiness. I'm looking forward to seeing how this experiment works out and whether other agencies will adopt similar measures.

    I'll be honest. I didn't know much about Tribera until I started writing this post. But after doing some research, I'm impressed with their work and the companies they've worked with.

    Featured Project

    A boring product, such as WD40, doesn't seem to be a candidate for an exciting marketing campaign, does it? Tribera was able to pull it off with the HomeFix campaign, generating attention and engagement.

    The campaign had a total reach of 2.5 million, 122,000 YouTube views, and 20,000 email signups as a result of the social media push.

    Tribera marketing campaign for WD-40 Competition
    Digital Marketing Birmingham - Tribera marketing campaign for WD-40
    Digital Marketing Birmingham - Tribera marketing campaign for WD-40 Competition

    Lightbox Digital (

    Lightbox Digital is another well established digital agency in Birmingham that won't disappoint.

    They offer a wide range of digital services, from web design and development to digital marketing and e-commerce.

    I appreciate Lightbox Digital's current website design. It's simple to browse, with limited colours and a lot of white space. I've heard they're working on a rebrand, so I'm excited to see what it will look like.

    Featured Project

    Lightbox was approached by car body repair company ChipsAway at the start of 2021 with one key goal in mind: to convert quality inquiries from social media to the website.

    The goal was to generate new leads from customers as well as possible franchisees. Lightbox delivered a total of 14,563 consumer leads and 463 franchisee leads in one year.

    Digital Marketing Agencies Birmingham - Lightbox Digital - Campaign for ChipsAway

    ALT Agency (

    ALT Agency is a web design agency in Birmingham and makes the list for being amongst the top SEO agencies in the Midlands.

    The team has a deep understanding of digital marketing and how to get the most out of a website and how to get to the top of the search engines and their blog is packed with useful SEO tips.

    Featured Project was a well-known independent Formula 1 news site that had seen a decline in website visitors and was in desperate need of a makeover.

    ALT was approached to build a new website designed to bring new visitors and improve user engagement.

    A chat room was added as part of the website redesign project, along with an easy-to-use e-commerce platform to generate extra income from the site.

    The website now has a modern look that appeals to its target audience and has an active community of Formula 1 fans.

    If you're looking for an agency that knows how to get SEO results then ALT Agency is definitely one to consider.

    F1 motorsport website by ALT agency - Web Design Agency Birmingham

    Jask Creative (

    Last but not least is Jask Creative, a creative team with many talents.

    As well as web design and digital marketing, Jask Creative also offers brand identity, print design, and photography services.

    Okay, it's not Birmingham, but Jask Creative in Solihull is just too good to not include. And to anyone outside of the West Midlands, Solihull is almost synonymous with Birmingham.

    I like that Jask Creative is a one-stop shop for all of your creative needs; It's always beneficial to have a team you can count on for various services and they've done some excellent work, particularly in the world of football.

    The work for British Athletics stands out but I was torn between the #MoorThanEleven campaign for Solihull Moors Football Club and the ‘Stripes for Life' campaign for West Bromwich Albion FC as both are excellent examples of their work.

    Featured Project

    The Stripes for Life campaign video for West Bromwich Albion FC to debut their Puma kit for the 2019/20 season was debuted across the club's social media platforms and official website, receiving a warm welcome from the supporters.

    The brief film depicts the adventures of a young Albion fan and his adventure to the new kit. From morning until night, he sees his club stripes but he fails to notice a succession of former West Brom players who appear in the video as he goes by.

    It's a funny film that does an outstanding job of promoting the new kit while also appealing to fans.


    It was tempting to put my own business on the list of Birmingham's best digital agencies, but that would feel a bit deceptive. So instead, I've listed ten amazing digital marketing agencies in Birmingham that I think are doing great work.

    If you're not interested in working with me, that's OK. I'd be happy to recommend the agencies in this article to anyone looking for digital marketing or website design services.

    Brum has an abundance of creative talent and it was difficult not to include more names but these are the ten that stood out to me as being brilliant at getting results for their clients.

    I could have compiled a list of one hundred Birmingham marketing agencies and still left out some excellent ones. So if I've forgotten your company, let me know in the comments below.

    And if you're still on the hunt for a digital marketing agency in Birmingham to help with your next project, then get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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