Nonprofit Website Worksheet

Tell us

By giving us as much information as possible we can get an idea of what it is you do now, what you want to do and how we can help you achieve it.

If you struggle to answer these questions or you’re unsure of your goals then a discovery session with one of our website consultants can help you to think about where your business is headed and come up with an online strategy to get you there.

If we think we can help you achieve your goals and that we’re a good fit, happy days, we can work together. You’ll become a client and we’ll get to work on your project. We’ll deliver your project, you’ll be over the moon. You’ll have questions, we’ll be there to answer them. You’ll need support, we’ll be there to support you. You’ll see results, we’ll be there to help celebrate your success, we could even take a selfie to stick on social media. We’ll live happily ever. Or, if we’re not a good fit for each other we’ll be honest and we can go our separate ways, left to wonder about what might have been. Fear not, if that does happen we’ll happily put you in touch with someone else to work on your project.