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Book Review – Sell Futures, Not Features by Mike Killen

Most people think that to be successful in sales, they need to have an outgoing personality and be good at closing deals.

Yes, those skills are great to have. But, one key element often overlooked (it's not about understanding your product and its features) is understanding your customers and what they value is critical.

Sell Futures, Not Features:

How anyone can uncover hidden benefits to any product or service, so desirable and compelling that you can't help but sell more

The hyper-pragmatic and down-to-earth handbook for entrepreneurs, company owners, and product creators who wish to increase their sales at a higher price while still feeling competent.

In ‘Sell Futures, Not Features‘, Mike Killen shows readers how to uncover hidden benefits to any product or service so that you can sell more for higher prices. He also provides practical tips on overcoming objections and writing killer sales copy.

One of the main themes in the book is finding hidden benefits to products. For example, let's say you're selling a new car. Most people would focus on the car's features, such as its horsepower, fuel efficiency, or safety features.

While those are undoubtedly important selling points, they're not what will make someone want to buy your car. What will make someone want to throw their cash at you is painting a picture of their life after they've bought it.

Do they see themselves driving down the coast with the wind in their hair? Do they feel safe and secure knowing that their family is protected in the event of an accident?

When you can tap into what your customers value, you'll be able to sell them on the benefits of your product rather than just its features.

People buy emotions, not things. Mike Killen provides a framework for doing just that in this book.

My Review: Mike Killen's book shows you how to sell more by recognising what your customers care about.

I really enjoyed the way that Sell Futures, Not Features is written. It's effortless to read and follow, and it provides a ton of helpful information. I appreciate Mike's to sales – it's straightforward and makes a lot of sense.

Like Mike's other books, ‘Sell Futures, Not Features' is packed with examples and things you can use straight away.

The main themes in the book are finding hidden benefits to products, overcoming fear of rejection, and writing killer sales copy. These are essential skills for anyone who wants to be successful in sales.

Mike Killen was one of the instructors on a WP Elevation course I took in 2017 for digital agency owners. I've been a fan since.

You'll find some excellent free resources on Mike's website,, which is packed with valuable sales and marketing advice and his YouTube channel, which is a fantastic place to learn more.

The reason most people struggle to sell what they want, for the price they want, is because they're bored by or unconfident in their own product, their customers seem uninterested in what they have to sell and they're uncomfortable with the sales processes they've been taught.

Follow the Sell Futures, Not Features framework to overcome any roadblocks and develop products, offers, and sales messaging that put you in a position to be the best selection in your market.

  • Create over 100 reasons for people to buy any of your products or services
  • Write killer sales copy that converts
  • Eliminate objections with compelling “future statements”
  • Craft masterful sales campaigns quickly and easily
  • Generate qualified leads from people who want to buy from you
  • Talk to more leads and convert them into customers
  • Get more deals, for higher prices, with less work


If you're looking to sell more products and services for the price you want, then Sell Futures, Not Features is your book.

The book gives you the tools to uncover hidden benefits of your products and services, turning them into desirable features that people can't help but buy them.

Grab your copy from Amazon at (UK) or (US). Disclaimer: Affiliate links.

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