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The evolution of our Birmingham website design agency
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We were a jack of all trades but a master of none

We were a jack of all trades but a master of none

The evolution of our Birmingham website design agency. We were a jack of all trades but a master of none.

We’ve been helping businesses improve their online presence through effective website design and engaging social media marketing for a while now and we’ve developed a vast knowledge of what works well on the web. We’ve also found out first hand what doesn’t work so well and we use our experience to help your business make a big impact online.

When I started Huxo (Huxo Digital Media) back in 2013 I’d bend over backwards to win clients. We were seen as a one stop for all things digital, and then all things print, and then uniform supplies, and then I.T support and so on, spending time as a sort of jack of all trades but a master of none.

Graphic design work we did for WJWS

We dabbled in graphic design and won over some pretty big clients including NHS organisations, we’ve sourced uniform and had it embroidered with logos we created, we’ve had no end of business cards, flyers and signage designed and printed.

We spent A LOT of time blogging, putting articles together about social media marketing and website design. We had some success and recognition for being amongst the Top 10 social media influencers in the UK at one point but although we had plenty of followers and good engagement we just weren’t writing articles for the right people. 

This feature in Nuneaton News shows us, Huxo Digital Media at the time, being recognised for being listed 18th amongst the best social media marketing agencies in the UK out of over 500. We reached the top 10 a short while later and and stayed in the top 20 for a long time through our social media presence and content marketing but we didn’t have the right strategy in place at the time to see a massive return for our time and effort.

Huxo In Nuneaton News top UK social media influencer

Back then we took on website design projects from new businesses even if they had no strategy or no clear achievable objectives and no desire to even think about working on them, they’d just want a website of some sort but with no real aim or purpose. 

We did those things and more to keep our customers happy. Some of those customers had no idea where they could get these items from, others were complete technophobes and wanted us to help with anything that involved the use of a computer.

Taking on so many different unrelated tasks was time consuming and meant we were moving the business in the wrong direction.

That’s why we decided a while back to focus on what we do best, helping established businesses stand out online and solving problems through digital solutions.

We’re still happy to point you in the right direction of reputable print companies, send you details of uniform suppliers and introduce you to some fantastic graphic designers but we’re here to help you and your business make more from your online efforts through effective website design and engaging social media marketing and content marketing strategies. 

We use the knowledge we’ve gained over the years to create websites that work for your business, whether that’s as a sales machine built to generate new leads and increase revenue or an appointment booking system to save you time and let your customers answer their own questions without having to contact you, we use our website design skills to make your life easier and ultimately, to help your business grow.

Website design Birmingham web design by Huxo Creative


If you’re unsure of your goals then a discovery session can help you to think about where your business is headed and come up with an online strategy to get you there.

If we think we can help you achieve your goals and that we’re a good fit, happy days, we can work together. You’ll become a client and we’ll get to work on your project. We’ll deliver your project, you’ll be over the moon. You’ll have questions, we’ll be there to answer them. You’ll need support, we’ll be there to support you. You’ll see results, we’ll be there to help celebrate your success, we could even take a selfie to stick on social media. We’ll live happily ever.

Or, if we’re not a good fit for each other we’ll be honest and we can go our separate ways, left to wonder about what might have been. Fear not, if that does happen we’ll happily put you in touch with someone else to work on your project.

If you’ve got this far, thanks for taking the time to read this. Are you ready to become a client?

Dan Gissane
Founder / Website Consultant


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