Ten great HTML5 tools for web developers and designers

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September 20, 2013
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HTML 5 Logo

HTML 5 Logo

Ten great HTML5 tools for web developers

HTML5 will is the latest standard for HTML. The web has seen plenty of changes since the previous version of HTML, HTML 4.01, came way back in 1999.

HTML5 includes new elements for drawing graphics, adding media content, better page structure, better form handling, and several APIs to drag/drop elements, find Geolocation, include web storage, application cache, web workers, etc.

You can find plenty of helpful and creative tools to assist in the process of designing and developing websites.

Ten great tools for HTML 5 designers and HTML5 developers:


Initializr is a template generator that allows you to create professional templates based on HTML5 Boilerplate. Initializr allows you to choose the specifications of your template and gives you control over the compatibility and server configurations. When you’ve finished selecting your options, you can download the zip file containing the components for your template. You can then incorporate these components to build your webpages. Initializr is an ideal tool for beginners and for anyone else wanting to create webpages using HTML 5 quickly.

HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet

HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet is basically a list of all HTML tags and of their related attributes supported by HTML 5. The simple layout allows you to find everything you are looking for quickly and easily.

Lungo JS

Lungo JS, Lungo JS consists of all the features of HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script. This tool allows users to design and develop applications for iOSAndroid, Blackberry and WebOS.

Flash to HTML5

Both Adobe CreateJS toolkit and Google Swiffy allow you to convert Flash files to HTML5 files, allowing you to play Flash animations in HTML5 supported browsers without having to install Flash player. You can incorporate those files in your HTML5 website.

Font Dragr

Font Dragr allows you to test custom fonts with ease without the need or knowledge of CSS coding. All you need to do is drag and drop. You can test any font from your file system or any of the fonts found in the gallery

HTML5 Demos

HTML5 Demos is a tool consisting of the complete list of HTML 5 properties and their supporting browsers. The tool allows you to ensure that all the elements developed using HTML 5 are supported by a Web browser.


Modernizr tells you whether a browser consists of a particular feature. Developers can discover missing features and take advantage of the new features that support the browser and implement them.

Lime JS

Lime JS is a HTML5 framework that lets you create fast, mind blowing games for all modern touchscreens as well as HTML5 websites for touchscreen devices.

HTML5 Tracker

HTML5 Tracker allows you to keep track of the latest technologies in HTML5, giving you a wide scope to design and develop your websites.

Online HTML5 Audio Maker

Online HTML5 Audio Maker is one of the best online tools through which developers can make use of a variety of latest audio features available. It provides audio solutions for different browsers. You can create audio in various formats for different browsers.

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