Seven Good Habits for Highly Effective Tweets

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December 9, 2013
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Seven Good Habits for Highly Effective Tweets

Most effective tweets have easy to spot characteristics. To become a trusted and reliable tweeter you should take advantage of that and utilise some of the practices that make for popular tweeting. Here’s a list of seven Twitter traits that make for effective tweets:

1. Clarity

Make your tweets clear so that your followers can see what’s on the other side without having to decode your cryptic messages.

2. Concise

Tweets are limited 140 characters, and you may think that’s concise enough. Byt, if you want your tweets to be retweeted you should aim to keep your tweets to 120 characters to leave room for others to include “RT @YourTwitterName” in their retweet. Keep it brief and you’ll have a better chance of being retweeted over and over again.

3. Keywords

People can search for your tweets so try to make your tweets searchable. Ensure that you use proper keywords when tweeting. If you’re in the wedding industry, you’ll need to include the words “weddings” or “marriage” somewhere in your tweets, because that’s what people are going to be searching for. Try to make each tweet as easy as possible to be found.

4. Shorten Links

With each of those 140 characters being so valuable, try not to waste space by putting a lengthy link into your tweet. There are plenty of link shortening services available that are quick and simple to use. is massively popular because of the great analytics.

5. Use “You”

People want to know how you can provide value to them. Catering to that need is a strategy that works extremely well on Twitter. Tell your followers how the link they’re about to click on will help them. It should come as no surprise that the most commonly retweeted word is “You.” Statistically, posting a tweet including the word “you” gives it a better chance of being retweeted.

6. Link to lists

Whatever the reason, people love to to read lists. You’re here reading this one, aren’t you? Have a look at your Twitter feed and you’ll find lots of people tweeting lists. People pay attention to tweets that link to lists, probably because they’re full of easy to digest information. Make use of that.

7. Ask questions

Ask a question and you’ll sometimes feel like you’re just talking to yourself. Keep asking and ou’ll be surprised at the response. Engagement is a massive part of using Twitter the right way, and people love to offer their help. If you’ve got a question about something, don’t be afraid to ask it. You’ll probably get some really great answers, and what’s better is that your followers will be even more aware of you.

Think about your favourite tweeters. Why do you think they’re successful?

After helping some friends get their newly established businesses noticed through Facebook and doing well, Dan decided to start Huxo Digital Media in July 2013. Branching out into website design and graphic design, the small team have developed a reputation to be proud of. We have developed our awesome social media management dashboard and received national recognition as a Top 10 UK Social Media Influencer. Dan is a father of two, a big fan of rugby, a lover of fine coffee and has been building and developing websites for over fourteen years.

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