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Our Process - Website Design Birmingham | Huxo Creative
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Our Process


How We Work

From Inception To Launch (And Beyond)


 Your Brief  Your Brief


We ask the right questions to discover the reasons why you need a new website.

The brief is quite in-depth and some of the questions may be difficult to answer but it’s designed to give us as much information about your business and what it is you’re trying to achieve so we can have a think about how we can help you achieve it.

 Your Proposal  Your Proposal


Once you’ve provided us with all of the information we need, if we think we can help you achieve your goals and that we’re a good match, we’ll put a proposal together outlining the work we’ll carry out for you and how much of an investment we require.

 Your Sitemap  Your Sitemap


Using the information you provided us with in the brief, we’ll build a visual sitemap to make sure we are all on the same train of thought when it comes to the structure of your new website.


Here’s an example of one we put together for a Coventry website design project:

Your Prototype   Your Wireframe


From this point we’ll build you a wireframe, a basic working prototype to demonstrate in a web browser the basic look and feel of the website we plan to build for you. This will show you how our solution is going to work. This looks a bit plain, filled with placeholder text and sometimes the odd stock photo or two but is designed to give you an overall picture of how it will look.


Here’s one we put together earlier:

Your Design   Your Design


With everything in place we start adding your copy, your images, your logos and more to bring your website to life and match your company branding.

Your Delivery   Your Delivery


With the finish line now in sight we get to work on testing to make sure everything works as it should and all links are pointing to the right place. We’ll then move your website over to your hosting server and hand the reigns over to you.

Your Support   Your Support


We don’t just leave you to it and wave goodbye. We’ll place a website manual in your admin area to teach you how to edit and add new content, update your software and keep everything working as it should.


If you would prefer us to take care of software updates and backups for you as well as make changes on your behalf you can sign up for one of our Website Care Plans. We’ll carefully monitor your website and work on ongoing optimisation. 

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