Myspace Has Your Old Photos And Wants To Lure You Back

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April 10, 2015
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April 13, 2015

Can you remember MySpace and all of those glittery custom graphics on your profile? Back when you organised your friends in a ranked order and had to decide who was going to make your top line? How about those awful snaps you added and never deleted when you left shortly after Facebook got massive?

Funnily enough, MySpace hasn’t forgotten you and now it wants you back.

They’ve started sending emails to old users including photos that you’ve probably long forgotten about.

An email with the words “The good, the rad and the what were you thinking…” plus a link to your old profile may be coming to your inbox soon.

In a recent interview with Mashable a spokesperson for Myspace said “Myspace has been reaching out to current and past users to re-engage them through a personalised experience.”

Justin Timberlake and Specific Media bought MySpace from News Corp. for $35 million in 2011. They came back with a fresh look and became popular with musicians and bands.

They were reported to have spent $20 million on an ad campaign in 2014 to try to get users excited about the new MySpace.

According to Mashable, MySpace still has 15 billion photos of users in its database. Think that’s scary? Facebook has in excess of 250 BILLION! Be careful what you post online.

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