Marketing On Facebook In 7 Steps

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December 23, 2013
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B2B Marketing On Facebook In 7 Steps

You probably already know how good Twitter and LinkedIn can be for marketing and networking.

Some marketers overlook Facebook while others have used it to little or no success, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it.

Utilise the world’s largest social network for your business with these seven easy steps:

1. Make a strategy

It’s all about strategy. Whatever your trade, start by building a database of your target market. Ask questions that will elicit responses and be sure you have participants from your company to enhance your presence. A conversation is bound to spread and even if it doesn’t, the engagement on Facebook will rise. So be sure to encourage your employees to share their opinions and your company’s activity.

2. Use images

Remember that people take in pictures are more easily than text or videos. Share advice or even statistical data with pictures. People tend to look for eye-catching things that they can understand quickly.

3. Reward curiosity

Play on people’s curiosity. Everybody is curious about things in the making, so show a bit of what goes on “behind the scenes” in your business. What happened at an interesting event? How did the office prepare for the last networking meeting? Post about it and then add pictures.

4. Create incentives

Offer a free demo. A free trial will attract people to your page. You will get likes and shares and generate talk on Facebook and other social platforms. You can also offer other kinds of things for free: e-books useful in your line of business, videos with advice, or anything else you can think of — but remember to keep it useful and relevant.

5. Promote other content

You’re probably creating content on another platform like blogs or webinars. Don’t simply provide a link to Facebook. Find a good excerpt or create a short summary and post it. You’ll definitely increase both Facebook likes and blog visits. Re-share and retweet content that will resonate with your audience. Likewise, promoting content from other sources will encourage their community to “overflow” into yours, and provide you with an opportunity to repost items that are already getting a response.

6. Engage with other businesses

Make your page interesting for other businesses. You can catch their eye by sharing industry news and your opinions in an engaging way. Be sure to like other businesses and post on their pages if allowed. Share the useful information you have and keep an eye on whatever they’re doing. There are businesses out there that need you – go out and find them on Facebook.

7. Integrate social into your marketing strategy

Last but not least, integrate Facebook with your other marketing efforts. Include your tweets, blog posts, and discussions on LinkedIn on Facebook. Even though you may be B2B, businesses are made up of people. Most of those people engage on Facebook in their spare time. Try to attract them with your content and brand philosophy. With SimplySocial, it takes no more than a few minutes to post something on Facebook. You don’t need to post a lot; one item a day will do as long as it is consistent and relevant. When done, ask a few of your employees and friends to like and share, and you’re all set.

P.S If you’re running a competition from your Facebook page remember to stick to Facebook’s Pages Competition Rules or you could get your page shut down.

Do you currently manage a Facebook page? Please share any tips below:

After helping some friends get their newly established businesses noticed through Facebook and doing well, Dan decided to start Huxo Digital Media in July 2013. Branching out into website design and graphic design, the small team have developed a reputation to be proud of. We have developed our awesome social media management dashboard and received national recognition as a Top 10 UK Social Media Influencer. Dan is a father of two, a big fan of rugby, a lover of fine coffee and has been building and developing websites for over fourteen years.

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