Introducing The NoPhone – Shatterproof, Waterproof and Tech Free

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September 29, 2014
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We live in age where people go crazy for the latest technology. Just look at the recent release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. I must admit that I’ve jumped on the Apple bandwagon and upgraded to the 6 myself.

My hand seems to be glued to my phone a lot of the time. I seem to constantly have my head down in my phone or iPad. Whether it be tweeting, texting, reading, watching videos or just browsing multi million pound homes on RightMove in case that big Euro Millions win finally comes in.

We seem to be incapable of staying away from them, even when out with friends or loved ones.

And then there’s the issue of broken screens! My iPad was a week old when it was dropped and smashed, as was the other half’s. Toddlers and expensive gadgets don’t mix well. I’ve had every iPhone from the start and I’ve not managed to go a year yet without smashing the screen. Hopefully the iPhone 6 will be the exception, but even then it seems that it could bend.

So what can we do to combat this? How can we stop being slaves to our own technology?

Introducing The NoPhone

Introducing the NoPhone, the technology free ‘surrogate smartphone’ that you can drop without worrying about expensive screen repairs. It’s smart, thin, sleek and light. It’s shatterproof, waterproof and a pricey new upgrade won’t be released in a few months.

Introducing The NoPhone - iPhone 6 VS NoPhone Specs

So now you’re thinking “Will I be tied into a pricey and lengthy contract to get my hands on one?” The answer is no!

So how much will one of these bad boys set you back? Just over £10, including delivery to your door! Seriously, you can get your hands on a NoPhone for just $12, plus $5 for delivery outside of the US. That works out at just over £10 at todays rate.

Want to know more? Head over to the NoPhone Kickstarter page at to pledge some pennies now.

Go get your life back!

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