Five Ways to Get Unfollowed on Twitter

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October 10, 2013
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Twitter Unfollowers

Five Ways to Get Unfollowed on Twitter

Just like Fight Club, Twitter has rules. But unlike Fight Club, we can talk about them.

They’re largely unwritten, but most people who take Twitter seriously follow them. If you’re starting to get unfollowed but you don’t know why, then chances are you’re breaking one of them. There are a lot of reasons why you might get unfollowed on Twitter, but here are five of the more popular reasons:

1. You don’t tweet!

Like a needy girlfriend, you need to pay lots of attention to your Twitter account. Depending on what you read, only around 20 percent of all Twitter users have post in the last month. Don’t let your account go inactive and you won’t get unfollowed. Try to devote a few minutes every couple of hours to tweet something. Actively tweeting is very important.

2. You tweet too much

Don’t feel the need to tweet your every move, write a blog or leave it for your autobiography. Don’t abuse the “Tweet” button. Tweet too often and you’ll come across as spammy, filling your followers feed and you’ll probably find yourself getting unfollowed.

3. You don’t follow back

You’ve probably noticed that some people follow you and then a couple of days later, they’re gone. Maybe they were hurt because you didn’t follow them back. You probably shouldn’t follow every single person who follows you, but you should at least take a moment to look at the follower’s profile and see what he or she is all about. If they have a common interest with you, follow them back. Give it a whirl and see what they offer. If they’re uninteresting or spammy you can always unfollow them.

4. Explicit Language

Twitter is full of adults using adult language. Some people don’t like this. If you are going to swear in your tweets, make sure there’s a really good reason. If you’re using four letter words as adjectives way too often, you’ll soon see a drop in your followers. Wash your mouth out, buy yourself a dictionary, catch up on Countdown and you’ll keep more of a loyal following.

5. You’ve got no manners

Hopefully most of you are polite enough to use manners in real life. Twitter users expect you to be polite too. If you don’t thank people for following you or retweeting you, they’ll soon notice. A simple “Thank you,” along with the person’s Twitter name you’re thanking, can go a long way to creating a solid Twitter connection.

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