Content Marketing: The Heart of Your Digital Presence

When Marketing Goes Bad
When Marketing Goes Bad
October 20, 2015
Why So Many Fail At Social Media Marketing
This Is Why So Many Fail At Social Media Marketing
November 26, 2015

Content Marketing: The Heart of Your Digital Presence

People love to share things on social media. If you post a well written article, an eye catching infographic packed full of interesting facts or a fun video they could all get shared over and over again and drive content to your website.

Publishing content for your website on a regular basis isn’t always easy but the benefits are clear for all to see.

Regular content will do wonders for your SEO and help more people find you and your business. By giving out valuable information and sharing your knowledge of your industry you’ll give people a reason to go back to your website time and time again.

I tell all of my clients to try to write something (or ask us to write something) for their website even if it’s once a month, it’s better than never at all.

One example is the owner of a local sports shop. The shop supplies sporting goods but also offers embroidery and printing in-house. They supply kits and training wear to several local sports clubs. I’ve built their website and am working on their social media campaign. I’m now trying to get the owner to write some articles for their blog.

One idea they try would be to make a small video showing the embroidery process from start to finish. Another could be to write a piece about the various methods of garment printing they use. Another could be an article about a local club they’ve teamed up with and so on. All of these would add value to their website, do wonders for getting found on Google and Bing etc and help them to build trust amongst potential customers.

This infographic from Fractl backs that up and shows how content marketing works for you.

The infographic was posted here by Irfan Ahmad.

Content Marketing: The Heart of Your Digital Presence:

Content Marketing: The Heart of Your Digital Presence Infographic

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