Always Have Something To Say On Social Media

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June 25, 2014
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How To Always Have Something To Say On Social Media

Always having something to say…

Most people don’t have an opinion on everything. You won’t always have a new entry on your blog to share with your audience. And tweeting “Good Morning” every day at 10am isn’t going to get you anywhere (in fact it’s likely to switch a lot of people off). So what do you do to fill the gaps?

  • 1. Favourite good content.
  • Do you regularly visit a particular website for information? You do? Good. You can bookmark websites that cover applicable business related subjects (along with other blogs, Twitter accounts, plus pages, etc.) to use as resources for content to share with your audience… no writing required.

  • 2. Have some stock content.
  • Just had a wave of inspiration? A collection of questions to ask or a host of insightful mantras you want to share? Don’t send them out all at once. Save some for later – for when you don’t have a blog to post or a product to promote. Chances are they’ll be as insightful tomorrow as they are today, so get your time sensitive content out first and save the pearls of wisdom for later.

  • 3. Get more out of each post.
  • For the material you write – be it a blog entry, a special product offer or a topical tweet – can you get more social content out of it than the initial share? Can you rewrite your post and give your audience another chance to click-through to your site? Don’t overdo it, but if you have something you want to share with as many people to as possible, you might consider writing two or three different intros to share on your social channels throughout the week.

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