6 Reasons To Invest In SEO

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April 24, 2015
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May 1, 2015

6 Reasons To Invest In SEO

If you have the time or budget to use SEO in conjunction with social media optimisation, doing so will allow you to reach the broadest possible audience.

If your time and budget limit put you in a positon of having to choose, here is some information that will help you do so intelligently.

1. A 2014 study by BrightEdge indicated that 51% of website traffic across their study group came from organic search compared to 5% from social media.

Even more shocking, when narrowed down to service based sites, organic search accounted for 73% of all traffic!

2. Facebook has an average visitor to lead rate of 0.98 percent while SEO has a visitor to lead rate of over 14 percent. (Hubspot)

3. Organic Facebook posts reach an average of just 12% of your followers.

Appearing in the top three in Google organic search results in an average click-through rate (CTR) of 60%. Put simply, FIVE TIMES as many people will click an organic result as will even see a Facebook post! (TechCrunch & SeoBook)

4. Imagine this, you wake up to a massive leak in your roof. You’ve recently moved to the area and don’t know who to call. What do you do? If you are like over 60% of others surveyed by Econsultancy you use Google to find a company. (Econsultancy)

5. What about forecasting? Readily available tools such as the Google Keyword Planner allow you to easily see the average monthly search volume for keywords. Using industry averages, you can take the search traffic and accurately estimate total site traffic for a new campaign. Unfortunately, traffic forecasting is not easy to do for a new social media campaign.

6. What about YouTube? Many of you already know that YouTube is the second largest search engine. While some may argue that YouTube is a social site, SEO is a powerful way to market videos as well. If you are not familiar with YouTube SEO, you can learn more about that in our recent post covering how to generate quick search traffic.

Again, social media can be a great addition to a comprehensive marketing plan but if you are looking to maximize your ROI on every marketing pound spent, SEO is where you should be investing.

After helping some friends get their newly established businesses noticed through Facebook and doing well, Dan decided to start Huxo Digital Media in July 2013. Branching out into website design and graphic design, the small team have developed a reputation to be proud of. We have developed our awesome social media management dashboard and received national recognition as a Top 10 UK Social Media Influencer. Dan is a father of two, a big fan of rugby, a lover of fine coffee and has been building and developing websites for over fourteen years.

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