3 Steps To Marketing Health Care Infographic

Local SEO Done Properly
Local SEO Done Properly Infographic
May 19, 2015
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May 22, 2015
3 Steps To Marketing Health Care

Healthcare consumers use the internet in a number of different ways. From researching symptoms and procedures, to making appointments and sharing topical information – the internet can be an amazing resource for engagement and knowledge. With the rise of smart phone and tablet users – that trend is ever-increasing. So how do health care providers keep up?

3 Steps To Marketing Health Care

1. Have A Mobile Friendly Website

People use mobile devices to access information for everything. You can make life easier for your patients to get find you with maps, click to call functions, prescription ordering and appointment booking. Recent changes to Google also mean that mobile friendly websites are favoured over those that aren’t. Now is a great time to get a website or to bring an old website up to date.

2. Provide Relevant Content

Content marketing not only provides patients with helpful information, it can also bring new patients your way. If you regularly give out relevant content from your website and social media networks, your website gains more traffic, your information is likely to be shared with a wider audience by your current patients and you can become a go-to site for easy to digest information. Do you have some easy workout tips for diabetic patients or simple healthy eating tips for children? Why not write a blog article about it.

3. Get Found

Have you updated your website recently with the keywords related to your area of expertise? You should have. Do you offer a service that not many others provide locally? Are you the best chiropractor in town? If people are trying to find help online you could be missing out on potential customers. Social media can really help too. It’s never too late to get started and it’s always better to start now than to put it off for even longer or even worse, never at all.

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3 Steps To Marketing Health Care Infographic

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