20 Facts About Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

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December 7, 2013
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December 9, 2013

How Social Media Can Help Small Businesses Grow - Infographic

How Social Media Can Help Small Businesses Grow

■ Constant Contact reported that 49% of small businesses have found social media marketing effective for their businesses.

■ According to Socialmediatoday, 44% of small business decision makers are using social media websites to extract information of other businesses.

■ 73% of small businesses were using social media in 2012 according to mediabistro.

■ eMarketer reported that 24% of small businesses have integrated social media in a structured way into their business.

■ Facebook is leading among all the social websites with 82% of small businesses registered; it is followed by YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn with 73%, 47% and 47% respectively. (Source: Mediabistro).

■ 80% of small businesses use social media websites for monitoring and collecting information about competitors to their businesses (Source: Socialmediatoday).
■ Lead-to-close rate is 100% on social media than traditional marketing methods (Source: Socialmediatoday).

■ 80% of customers on social networks prefer to connect themselves to brands through Facebook (Source: Socialmediatoday).

■ 53% of small businesses use social media as an engagement tool for providing 2-way conversation customer support (Source: Socialmediatoday).

■ It might also be surprising to know that 86% of social referrals are done by Facebook, while 11% and 3% are done by Pinterest and Twitter respectively (Source: Socialmediatoday).

Time spent by small businesses on social media websites

■ According to Socialmediatoday, 21% of small business marketers are spending at least an hour on social media per day, while 58% are spending at least 10 minutes on social media per day.

■ 50% of small businesses have increased time spent on social media compared to last year and reported gaining new customers and better business (Source: Swiftpage).

■ 80% of small business marketers have understood importance of social media marketing and are planning to increase their time spent on social media this year (2013) (Source: Socialmediatoday).

Purchases made through social media

■ 46% of online users are counting on social media before making purchase decision (Source: Neilsen).

■ 71% of users of social media websites say that they are more likely to purchase products from the brand they follow online on different social media websites (Source: Digitalsherpa).

■ 15% of customers use social media websites to search for local businesses. This is biggest advantage to local and small businesses (Source: Digitalsherpa).

■ 63% of users prefer businesses with the information that can be easily accessed on the social media websites (Source: Digitalsherpa).

Customer acquisition through social media

According to Socialmediatoday:

■ 52% have found their customers on Facebook in 2013.

■ 43% have found their customers on LinkedIn in 2013.

■ 36% of marketers have acquired customer on Twitter in 2013.

Many businesses are utilising social media for various reasons and are reporting gains and profits.

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